About Reconstruction Beaufort

Net proceeds from the sale of this book go to funding Reconstruction Beaufort and the Reconstruction Education Network.

emancipation day
“The site and event of the first public reading of the Emancipation Proclamation in the South at Camp Saxton”

"RECONSTRUCTION BEAUFORT: The Second Founding of America". Inc.

We are a collaboration of scholars, teachers, public officials, visual and performing artists, and community leaders whose common purpose is to uncover and teach the untold stories, and correct mistold stories, of the Reconstruction Era during and following the Civil War.

Through collaborative efforts with the National Park Service and others it is a work of extraordinary scale but one that promises fresh insights into American History that can give us a greater understanding of our past and greatly benefit our future.

Our Current Initiatives include:

  • "Friends of the Reconstruction Era National Historical Park and Network" - philanthropic partner of the RENHP&N serving as advocate and funder of special projects
  • "Reconstruction Educators Network" (REN) – Recruiting, training, and supporting teachers to teach the untold stories of Reconstruction in schools, faith-based, and community organizations.
  • "Finding and Sharing Common Ground" – Grassroots initiative to engage others as advocates for Reconstruction History in our communities and schools throughout the nation.

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