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Congressman Robert Smalls T-Shirt

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Congressman Robert Smalls was a former slave who commandeered a Confederate ship, rescued his family to freedom, became a Union captain, and later a member of the SC House of Representatives. But and wear the shirts.  SHARING COMMON GROUND will launch a campaign to celebrate some of the unknown heroes.  This shirt represents the first.

Buy and wear a T-shirt to help us educate the public about the unknown heroes, stories, and places of the misunderstood Reconstruction Era.  Net proceeds will be used to fund “The Second Founding of America”

While SHARING COMMON GROUND: Promises Unfulfilled but Not Forgotten is a book, The “Second Founding of America’s” SHARING COMMON GROUND is an advocacy group promoting the teaching of Reconstruction throughout the United States.

As a way to engage with us, we have promotional items and collectibles to help let you spread the word.